Consignment Sales in Odoo

 In consignment sales, we are using the concept of creating an location as “Consignme
By Prajul

Multiple Currencies in Odoo POS

Hi All, Today we are going to explain about a functionality that we have been added to the POS. How to handle M

Weigh bridge Integration with Odoo ERP

Hi Everyone, Today we are going to explain an interesting feature which  is Weigh bridge Integration in Odoo

Job KPI with Aging Analysis In Odoo

It is essential to have a mechanism to track the Age of Jobs in an Organization based on Multiple Parameters. We have de

Job Management Through Odoo

Job Management Through Odoo Job management module is used for managing
By Dinsha

Batch Ordering Using Product Variants in Odoo

This functionality will enhance batch ordering by allowing users to add multiple var

Boxing & Unboxing of Bundle Product in Odoo

It is necessary to have a functionality of boxing and unboxing of bundle product in business operations where some goods

Odoo Inventory Adjustment & Variance Report

Here I am going to describe you about the Inventory Adjustment in Odoo and Enhancements to get the Stock Variance Report

Purchase Order Merge Module in Odoo

This module will help us to merge multiple purchase order which are:

Revenue Realisation in Odoo

The module adds  a section in Accounting, Revenue Realization. We can find this in Accounting->Configuration->set

Simplified Property Management Module in Odoo

This Module  is used to help property dealings like Lease, Rent, and Sublease. Simplified Property Manag
By Dinsha

Odoo 11 Features

 Odoo 11 Features Check out the new version of Odoo 11 Features ;

Efficient Document Management Module in Odoo

Efficient Document Management Module are designed for mana
By Shijin

Landed Cost Enhancement in Odoo

In Odoo,through Landed Cost Enhancement  we c

Broadcast Messaging

We had a requirement  for sending broadcast messages(IM chat) to multiple user / groups.

Customer Support Mobile Application for Android

Customer Support  is an important aspect in every business in the service industry. If

Enhancement for Odoo Receipts and Payments with “Any Account” Feature

 With this module we have added an extra option of Enhancement for Odoo Receipts and Payments with "Any A