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Multiple Currencies in Odoo POS

Posted on by Davis Jose 0 Comments
Hi All, Today we are going to explain about a functionality that we have been added to the POS. How to handle Multiple Currencies in Odoo POS There was provision to add multiple currencies in Odoo POS. But the functionality we felt not that straightforward and we made some enhancements in POS. How it works Let us say the customer has an order like below of Value 904.29 AED. Specifically, the Company Currency is AED. [caption id="attachment_863" align="alignnone" width="184"]
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Weigh bridge Integration with Odoo ERP

Posted on by Ranjith AP 0 Comments
Hi Everyone, Today we are going to explain an interesting feature which  is Weigh bridge Integration in Odoo. One of our major client sarmix who are in the Readymix Industry have  a Weigh bridge Integration that is having a serial port. So we installed a light weight python server(named Tornado) in client machine and run the a script in client machine. After running this script on client machine we listened to url 
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Odoo Inventory Adjustment & Variance Report

Posted on by Praveen Mundur 0 Comments
Here I am going to describe you about the Inventory Adjustment in Odoo and Enhancements to get the Stock Variance Report from Odoo.   Odoo has a feature for Managing inventory like stock with products and their quantity. We can use these products for sale and other operations according to the quantity remaining in stock. Accordingly, the quantity is get update when we purchase the product to our stock or by individually updating the qty on hand. If the company has some products in hand but it is not shown in
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Odoo 11 Features

Posted on by Lijesh Parat 0 Comments
 Odoo 11 Features Check out the new version of Odoo 11 Features ; 1. Global Settings          2. New Progress bar
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Landed Cost Enhancement in Odoo

Posted on by Bijili Muhammed 0 Comments
In Odoo,through Landed Cost Enhancement  we can create landed cost from Inventory -> Inventory Control -> Landed Costs. There we can see a button named ‘Create’. This button will open a form as shown in the screenshot below.
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IT Asset Management in Odoo

Posted on by Lijesh Parat 2 Comments
Asset Management IT Asset Management module helps you to manage your IT assets. This module adds a new menu Asset Management, you can use this menu for your asset handovers, returns, disposals and location change. Asset management of the company is intended to manage the transactions of its assets(products) from various locations to other locations. The source and destination locations of an asset transfer is determined by the type of transfer. We can locate asset management of the company as Asset Management → Asset Management.
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