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 This module is intended to get qweb print to review the age of inventory based on date,location and product. Similarly by installing Stock Aging Report  module a new menu ‘Stock Aging Report’  is added under the Reports menu in Inventory.

On clicking this menu a wizard  pop ups.

In like manner, this Stock Aging Wizard consists of options to select :

  1. Date -Is a mandatory field, which by default selects today date.The incoming date in stock is compare with this date in the report
  2. Locations – reviews the aging details of products from the selected locations  only
  3. Products –  reviews the aging details of selected products alone.

The report prints the quantity of product in stock quant. If the incoming date of the stock in stock quant is within 30 days of span from the given date in aging wizard the quantity of the product is shown under the column ‘Less Than 30 days’. If the incoming date is within a period of 30 to 60 days  the quantity is shown under the column ‘30-60’ and  likewise.Whereas  when the incoming date is greater than 120 days from the date in wizard then quantity is shown under the column 120+.


Aging Report without Location or Product filter :

Prints the total quantity of products in all the locations.


Aging Report with Product filter :

Prints the aging details of the products selected in the wizard alone.


Aging Report with Location filter :

Accordingly with this filter the report prints the stock quantity of all products in the particular location selected.In the example print the quantity in location  ‘ WH/Stock/Shelf 1 ’ alone of all the products.


Aging Report with Location and Product filter :

In location WH/Stock :

Accordingly ,in location WH/Stock/Shelf 1  :

The Quantity of stock for product ‘ Apple In-Ear Headphones ’ in location ‘ WH/Stock’ is 1. Whereas  in ‘ WH/Stock/Shelf 1 ‘ the quantity is 18 .


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  1. This is a powerful feature although it is handle in a very user friendly manner in odoo. Explanation is simple yet effective. Trading firms at Dubai in specific and GCC in general – Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Egypt, Oman, Bahrain can very well utlize the stock aging report to quickly understand the inventory nature. This helps in taking decision whether to promote the product by means of merchandising and other offers.

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