Standardized Purchase Order through Mobile App

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App Layout

Once you install the application in the device, it will ask for user login details. Once the user has logged in, he will get the following screen on his mobile app:


As seen in the screenshot above, the 4 menus – Inventory, Purchase, Tracking and Transfer will be present.



On clicking on the purchase menu, we can place a new purchase order through the application. While creating a PO, the related fields should be filled as shown in the screenshot below:


Once the PO has been filled and saved, then we can add products for the particular PO. To do so, we will have to tap on the ‘+’ button in the app

On clicking the ‘+’ button, we get a screen where we get empty fields regarding the attributes of a product that has to be included in the PO. In this screen, the user will have to scan the barcode of the product, by tapping the “Scan to Add Products” button.


Once the product has been scanned, the details will be populated in the respective fields according to the product details.

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