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 The service industry is one of the most challenging yet rewarding businesses . The competition among the service companies in the UAE has been increasing. Service companies are present in sectors such as engineering, construction, electronics repair and hospitality services. Work management in service companies is crucial. ServiceDesk : Service Management Solution in Odoo  helps for the tracking each aspect of a the services and employees Activity  is important in deriving the actual costs. The work needed for the particular job and profitability of a particular job.

In order to streamline the operations of a service oriented company, Zesty Labs team have come up with a solution called “ServiceDesk”. ServiceDesk is an ERP solution powered by Odoo, which can be used for tracking each stage of the job – from logging till the completion of work. The modules in ServiceDesk include Sales, Service Management, Inventory and Invoicing.


Some of the features of Service Desk include, complete logging of a particular job, from start till completion from the Work Order.


 A complete Work Order History will be present, which shows all the procedures of that particular job.


Under the Contracts module, you can manage annual maintenance contracts (AMC) with the different stages of the particular contract jobs


ServiceDesk continues with another feature ,mobile application. Which is synchronized with Odoo, could be used by technicians to enter their timesheets. Update the status of site visits and customer notification option regarding completion of works.

 ServiceDesk workflow has been provided below:

Flow chart image
Flow chart – Service Desk

This flow chart interprets the service desk function and how it works starting from the customer master to a job close. It is important to have a smooth functioning and coordination through out the organisational activities. Hence, this is another successful module we developed, to the easy work flow of each and every Organisation.

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  1. I have a maintenance service company and I find it very difficult to manage my operations. This will be something useful for me

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