Purchases and Shipment in Odoo

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Here we can take look into the Purchase and related shipment processing in Odoo.

Prepare Purchase Order

In order to prepare purchase shipment we have to make some purchase with some products.

Steps for creating purchase order

Step 1 :

Menu → Purchase → request for quotation


We can create purchase quotation from here.


The above shown image is an example of purchase quotation. Initially the order will be in quotation state because it is not confirmed. After pressing the confirm order button on top it will move to purchase order. When a quotation become purchase order it will create automatically a shipment order and the view will become like following image.


We can access the shipment by pressing the Shipment button. It will lead to shipment order of our purchase order.


The shipment shows the details of products , how many products are processed and how many remain. Now we have two products with quantity 50 and 25 units and now no one is processed.

For processing the shipment press edit button and fill the Done field as per our requirement.


Now product Datacard is going to purchase only 20 items and product Mouse,Wireless is with 25 items. So product Datacard is not purchased completely. For validating this shipment press Validate button on top. It will show a pop up with asking three options 1)Create Backorder , 2) No Backorder 3) Cancel.

If we want to make the shipment with again these steps for remaining quantity of second product Mouse, Wireless, then we can press Create backorder button. If not, during this same validation process the remaining quantity is to be shipped then we can use No Backorder button. Otherwise press Cancel button.

If we are going with Create backorder then the new shipment details will be shown with remaining shipment in our purchase order.


If we want to see the new shipment details use the Shipment button .


The status of shipment is visible as Done and Available. Now we can process and validate the remaining shipment with second product to Done state. Without editing the Done field in shipment and process to Validate the order, then the shipment directly take all the products to Done state.


Here we didn’t fill the Done field, so the validate process doesn’t ask for backorder creation but show a pop with with notifying the products are not Done


It is the basic functionalities related to purchase shipment, we can continue our shipment into return the order , scrap, take print of details of order etc.

Purchase Analysis

Odoo provide lot of features that really benefit for business oriental works. Purchase analysis is one like that. Usually  a company has lot of orders belong to sale, purchase etc. with wide variety of data. To get these details in simple and easily accessible form odoo provide an analysis view.

We can see the Analysis view from Menu → Purchase → report . Basically Odoo Support Pivot and Graph view.

Pivot View


Here we can see it is in a table format. Left side with Customer name and top side with Total price, product quantity , Average price within specific period of time (here Order date). So we can easily get a brief idea about how many customers made purchase in specific time period.  

We can change the table parameters by clicking the plus and minus button on table, and it will arrange the data in table format as per our required filtering parameter.


If we press the plus button in left side and choose the parameter as product , then the content will be look like .


Now left side become products list and appropriate price values on top. We can do it this method again and again for every details of our order on both left and top of that table data. So it is a nice and quiet easy method for getting data of orders.

We can change the measure by changing the measure button on top.



Now the measure changed to Product quantity and top side filtering into product category, then we get details of products with category and quantity used in purchase order.

One of the main advantage of this analysis is we can avoid taking print out repeatedly for getting information. If require we can take xls report by pressing Download button on top.



Graph view

To get informations in graph form to understand easily we can choose graph view.

Press graph view button on top right side.


The view will look like above image. The graph view provide the range of values without any complication. Here also we can change measure of graph. The type of graph can be changed by choosing different graph format from button on top eg: Line chart, Pie chart and Bar chart. One of the limitation is we cannot change X axis parameter as per our wish.


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