PESCO – ERP Solution for Pest Control and Cleaning Companies in UAE

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In a country like UAE, where there are many developments. Such as high rise buildings, housing colonies and hospitality outlets such as hotels, malls and other recreational places. The need for pest control and cleaning services have been in high demand. Each and every household, corporate and building facilities managers will have a budget for periodic pest control and cleaning. To be done in their premises in order to keep them in top shape. There are many companies in the pest control and cleaning domain in the UAE. Which cater to different types of clients. Also,successfully provide their services in order to thrive in such a competitive market.

In order to improve operational efficiency and performance, our team at Zesty Labs have come up with a solution called ‘PESCO’, which is a comprehensive ERP solution powered by Odoo, which is exclusively designed for pest control companies and includes different modules such as Sales, Purchases, Accounting, Contract, Inventory and HR. With PESCO, businesses can get a bird’s eye view of their operations and can manage all their activities in order to obtain the best results.

Some of the key features of PESCO include:

Preparation of Sales Quotations and Orders. Which provide the details of the service provided, price, payment terms and taxes (considering VAT).

In the order lines, you can also mention additional details such as frequency of the service (weekly, monthly, etc).. And if tasks have to be created for the particular service.

Contracts can be created from a particular Sale Order. Where you can enter the contract details, such as the start and end date and the service details. Once a contract has been created we can schedule tasks for the contract. Based on the frequency of the jobs that has been mentioned in the sales order line.

As we can see in the above screenshot, the tasks are scheduled monthly, and hence if we click on Schedule Task button, we can create 12 tasks (monthly scheduling)

In Tasks menu, on the top right of the contract form, we can see the 12 tasks that have been scheduled

If we open, we can see the details about the task. The type of services provided, timesheet for the related task and other information:

PESCO also has detailed invoicing module, where each task can be invoiced. Once a task has been completed, we can generate an invoice for that particular job by clicking on Create Invoice




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