Multiple Currencies in Odoo POS

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Hi All, Today we are going to explain about a functionality that we have been added to the POS. How to handle Multiple Currencies in Odoo POS

There was provision to add multiple currencies in Odoo POS. But the functionality we felt not that straightforward and we made some enhancements in POS.

How it works

Let us say the customer has an order like below of Value 904.29 AED. Specifically, the Company Currency is AED.

POS Order

The cashier will click on the Payment and the below window will appear on the screen

Muti Currencies in POS – Illustration

You could see the different payment methods used here in the POS, AED, EURO, USD.

Let us say the customer pay in multiple currencies.

Here we can use these payment methods and by the same token ;

  1. When we click on the Payment method we will see in the Currency column, how much is the equivalent amount of the selected currency
  2. Amount column will capture the amount we are entering in that currency
  3. Due Amount will be shown in the Company Currency (here it is AED)
  4. Tendered Column shows the Converted Amount of the entered value to the Company Currency
  5. If there is any change to be given to the customer, it will show in the company currency in the Change Column
  6. Selected Payment method will be displayed in the Method Column

This module is an extension of the Odoo POS. As a result which helps the Shops which is having multiple currency transactions in POS in an effective way and it Ensures the Accountability of the transactions as well.

We have also developed module to declare the closing Float in multi-currencies. will be sharing the details in our next blog entries.

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