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Legal Business solutions is a software designed for legal consultancy firms.

The file operations in a legal consultancy can be easily digitalised using this software.

Key features are:

  1. Customer management
  2. Enquiry Lead Management
  3. Case management
  4. Employee effort tracking

Customer management

Customer management provides recording and analysing the customer,clients and supplier datas.Now searching customer data is made simple using legal solution, customer can be search by category,company,etc.Meetings and other events can be easily fixed and alert the customers. Also we could find which customer opens more opportunities and sales.

The ‘Clients and contacts’ in the top-menu shows the tree view of the clients and contacts where you can search ,create new, or edit existing data.

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Clients and Contact Form

From ‘Image 1’, We can add the clients and contacts data , its no matter whether he is a client,supplier or vendor, lawyer or opponent of a case etc.

Sales and purchase characteristics of customer.

As shown in the ‘image 2’ , the sales and purchase characteristics can also be added.

The current status of the customer ( we call partner) can be change to active/inactive from the buttons shown in the form shown in ‘image 1’

Enquiry Lead Management.

The enquiry leads of your firm can be easily managed using legalsolutions. You can add enquiry and followups,meetings and other activities and it is possible to mark the stages of the enquiry. The red circle in the below image, shows the category of the enquiry it can be litigation or commercial.

Enquiry Management form

You can directly convert this enquiry to a file by click ‘create file’ button, then a record can be created. Which creates a ‘file reference number ‘  for your future reference.

Case Management:

The case ,court and hearings and the related tasks can be tracked by this case-management. All these data’s are arraged under a ‘virtual file’ and it’s recognized by a ‘file reference number’.

Any case be it litigation or commercial can be tracked by these module.

Case Management and Filemaster Screen

 From the image 4, the red marked is the button link to case instance form ,related to this file having reference number ‘1/2017/LT/EMP_1/2017-11-06’. And the orange marked is the button link for the court Instances.

Whether fixed amount or effort (based on file or employee) based amount , it’s possible to bill through invoices and bill for effort buttons in the image 4.

Court instances can also be created from the link in the orange marker in image 4.

Court Instance Form

Image 6: Court instance form.Court instance details and litigation hearing details can be added, with scheduling ,notify attendees etc  are possible. Hearing based tasks can be created and assigned through this screen.

Litigation Hearing Form

Hearing details tracking and alert or remind the attendees is easy with legal solutions.

Employee effort tracking :

Employee effort can be tracked by timesheet of the employees against the file record.

Effort billing

And we can calculate the amount for the file either using  effort based on employee by assigning hourly charge of the employee for the file, or using a hourly charge assigned to the file.

There is also biometric attendance device integration which enables an employer to have full control of their employees working hours.


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