Kleanz: A Complete ERP Solution for Laundries in UAE

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Laundry services is one of the most challenging businesses to venture in a country like UAE where there are multiple laundries in every neighborhood, the competition in this field is very high. A typical laundry service will have services like Dry Cleaning, Washing, Pressing, and Delivery Service.(which is one of the most important activity in this type of business). Among these, there are some high end laundries locate in the prime areas of Dubai. Whose customers include both households and corporate clients, such as restaurants, hotels, catering services, etc. Such that we have prepared a special solution namely Kleanz.

Since there are a lot of processes in a laundry business. Streamlining their operations will be a great solution for efficient management of their business. After conducting a market study and understanding the processes of laundries in the UAE. Our team at Zesty Labs have come up with an optimum solution that is exclusively design for laundries. Our solution called ‘KLEANZ’, is a complete ERP solution that is built on Odoo, and the core modules used include Sales, Inventory, HR & Payroll Management and Accounting. Along with this, we have developed a mobile application which can be use to manage pick and drop related activities.

Summary of the key features in Kleanz:

  1. Pick & Drop orders can be managed through a mobile app, which is synced in real time on Odoo
  2. Job progress tracking
  3. Configurable delivery options (Express Delivery, Same day service, Normal)
  4. Human resources and payroll management
  5. Timesheet management

With a UI that is easy to use, Kleanz can be an optimum solution for laundry businesses in order to operate efficiently. While all the business processes can be manage from one place.This allows the managers to have a bird’s eye view of the business. Which helps in better decision making.

Some of the useful features in Kleanz  include an advanced CRM module that includes a sales pipeline which can track all the leads, opportunities and prospective customers, and reflecting the probabilities of each prospect.

Job progress can be track based on their status(In Queue, In Progress, Completed, Delivered). Each status will be colour code based on its status.

Similarly, Human Resources and Payroll module which can be use to manage employees, salaries, employee loans and employee leave allocation.


A mobile application, which is use for pick and drop deliveries will also be include in the package. Which will be integrate to the ERP system, and any orders placed. Through the app by the respective delivery personnel will be update in the system.

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