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  Delivery Tracking Procedures  

Delivery Tracking Procedures include the below steps ;

  • Creating a Lot for Delivery
  • Assigning Lot in Invoice
  • Change the status of Delivery to In Transit
  • View Route on Map
  • Change the status of assigned invoices
  • Coming Back to Warehouse after Delivery
  • Updating the End Kilometer, Fuel Expense, Other Expenses etc.
  • Updating Collection Information
  • Change the status of Delivery to Completed Delivery

Creating a Lot for Delivery

Go to the menu : Delivery Tracking > Lot Tracking

It will list by default today’s deliveries.

Create a new lot for today . Refer the below screenshot

Assigning Lot in Invoice

We can assign the invoice to lot by selecting the lot in invoice or by scanning the invoice barcode in the lot tracing screen

Then the lot will be link to the invoice like above . Each invoice will carry the google co-ordinates of the corresponding customer for tracing purpose which also you can see in the above screen

Change the status of Delivery to In Transit

After assigning all the invoices  status of the lot can be change accordingly,to In transit by clicking Start Delivery in the Lot Tracking screen.

At the same time Driver can update the start kilometer from the App.

View Route on Map

There is a section to see the invoices allotted to the lot “Invoice Details”.There the basic information of the Invoice such as Invoice Number and Customer Name will be shown.There would be a button to Make the Deliver Action as well . This can be done after physically delivering the goods at the customer location.

We have an option to view the route . There the Route will be mapped with Start Location and Customer locations in blue colour.

Change the status of Assigned invoices

By using the Deliver button the user can update the status of the invoice to delivered . At the same time the Pin point in Map will change from blue to Green.


Coming back to warehouse after delivery

After Coming back to warehouse , they can update the end kilometer, Fuel Expense Other Expense fields if any.

Updating Collection Information

Additionally,user can update the collection information . Refer the below image Delivery Lot Collection Section.

Moreover, the user can update the Lot status to Completed Delivery

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