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Multiple Currencies in Odoo POS

Posted on by Davis Jose 0 Comments
Hi All, Today we are going to explain about a functionality that we have been added to the POS. How to handle Multiple Currencies in Odoo POS There was provision to add multiple currencies in Odoo POS. But the functionality we felt not that straightforward and we made some enhancements in POS. How it works Let us say the customer has an order like below of Value 904.29 AED. Specifically, the Company Currency is AED. [caption id="attachment_863" align="alignnone" width="184"]
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Job KPI with Aging Analysis In Odoo

Posted on by Remya Krishnan 0 Comments
It is essential to have a mechanism to track the Age of Jobs in an Organization based on Multiple Parameters. We have developed a module Job KPI  in Odoo to have a KPI Report of Jobs with Dynamic Aging Analysis. This module will help the organization to get the Age of a Job which lying under a particular Job status with Filters such as Responsible Employee, Location, Department,  Period of Time etc. This will reduce compilation of multiple documents from different source. Real time update of the aging analysis will help the Organisation to take immediate action  and apply timely corr
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Job Management Through Odoo

Posted on by Dinsha 0 Comments
Job Management Through Odoo Job management module is used for managing the job creation, allocation and the steps which is executing to complete the job. This module helps as for easy identification of the details and status of the job. We can access this module through Job management →Job request. [caption id="attachment_828" align="alignnone" width="895"]
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Boxing & Unboxing of Bundle Product in Odoo

Posted on by Lijesh Parat 0 Comments
It is necessary to have a functionality of boxing and unboxing of bundle product in business operations where some goods receive as a bunch of component products in a particular ratio. In this scenario, we will be keeping stock of both the box product and the products which are going to be sold by unboxing the product. So, We have developed a module to manage this in Odoo. Please  find the below image for reference [caption id="attachment_774" align="alignnone" width="659"]
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Revenue Realisation in Odoo

Posted on by Syama Ramachandran 0 Comments
The module adds  a section in Accounting, Revenue Realization. We can find this in Accounting->Configuration->settings Under the Revenue Realisation Details Customer menu - we can add default debit -credit account of the customer and the recurring journal entry . Moreover, under the Supplier can select the corresponding details of the vendor. The de
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Landed Cost Enhancement in Odoo

Posted on by Bijili Muhammed 0 Comments
In Odoo,through Landed Cost Enhancement  we can create landed cost from Inventory -> Inventory Control -> Landed Costs. There we can see a button named ‘Create’. This button will open a form as shown in the screenshot below.
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Customer Support Mobile Application for Android

Posted on by Sangamesh Menon 0 Comments
Customer Support  is an important aspect in every business in the service industry. If it is done in an efficient and smart way, then it can significantly increase your customer satisfaction. Our team at Zesty Labs have come up with a mobile application which is Customer Support Mobile Application for Android . Which can be use by customers to communicate with the customer support officials with the inbuilt messaging option. Once the customer downloads the application,  they will have an option to send a message as shown in the screenshot. Screensh
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Generate Recurring Jounral Entries in Odoo

Posted on by Remya Krishnan 0 Comments
Generate Recurring Journal Entries in Odoo module is used to provide the recurring journal entries generation functionality in Odoo version 9 and 10, which is already present with older versions of Odoo. Upon installing this module, we get Recurring entries menu in accounting, We can locate it as Accounting -> Dashboard -> Recurring Entries with sub menus: Define Recurring Entries Generate Entries
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Credit Limit and Credit Status Checking in Odoo

Posted on by Anitha Das 0 Comments
Credit Limit and Credit Status Checking in Odoo  module will rise warning regarding the credit status of customer, while confirming the sale order. This is made possible by Credit Status wizard.   You can see ‘Pass Credit check’ field in the form view of user under ‘preference’ page as shown in the below screen-shot.
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Help Desk In Odoo

Posted on by Sibin Babu 0 Comments
Help Desk In Odoo module are using for processing the query requesting (projects issues/queries). Helpdesk and Support are good tools to trace your interventions. We can select a customer, add notes and categorize your interventions with a channel and a priority level. Check out the Features ; In form view of Help desk modules we have an option to add query/ issue description. And other related information such as customer, priority leve
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