Odoo Inventory

Batch Ordering Using Product Variants in Odoo

Posted on by Shibin John 0 Comments
This functionality will enhance batch ordering by allowing users to add multiple variants of a product to either purchase order or sale order on the go, rather than adding each product individually. Let us take a product T-Shirt, for example, with two product variants. [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="572"]
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Boxing & Unboxing of Bundle Product in Odoo

Posted on by Lijesh Parat 0 Comments
It is necessary to have a functionality of boxing and unboxing of bundle product in business operations where some goods receive as a bunch of component products in a particular ratio. In this scenario, we will be keeping stock of both the box product and the products which are going to be sold by unboxing the product. So, We have developed a module to manage this in Odoo. Please  find the below image for reference [caption id="attachment_774" align="alignnone" width="659"]
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Odoo Inventory Adjustment & Variance Report

Posted on by Praveen Mundur 0 Comments
Here I am going to describe you about the Inventory Adjustment in Odoo and Enhancements to get the Stock Variance Report from Odoo.   Odoo has a feature for Managing inventory like stock with products and their quantity. We can use these products for sale and other operations according to the quantity remaining in stock. Accordingly, the quantity is get update when we purchase the product to our stock or by individually updating the qty on hand. If the company has some products in hand but it is not shown in
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