Accounting Reports in Odoo

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Accounts Report

Accounting is the process of capturing the day to day financial transactions occur in the firm. To analyse the financial condition of the firm, we are using the several accounting reports.  

We can also enhance the odoo receipts and payments with any account feature.

Besides the reports created specifically in accounting, few generic and dynamic reports which shows the company status are

1)Partner Ledger

2)General Ledger

3)Trial Balance

4)Balance Sheet

5)Profit and Loss

6)Aged Partner Balance

Partner Ledger

The financial analysis of the partner helps the company officials to analyse about the partners of the company.Partner ledger shows the accounting transaction which is done in through the particular period of time. From this report the company officials can find whether the partner is liable for the company or not and can analyse how much income can be receivable from a customer and how much amount need to pay to the customers.

The partner ledger report can be obtained as Accounting → Reports → Partner Ledger.

                                                                         (Fig 1)

When you click partner ledger, it will open a wizard(refer Fig 2),it will ask for the start date to analysis period.You can print a partner balance for Receivable Accounts or Payable Accounts of for both at the same time.

When you click ‘Show reconciled entries’ , then it will give you a detailed report including the reconciled entries also. This wizard also helps you for the getting detailed report for the a particular partner which you selected from the wizard. Using this feature you can also access the detailed report for the selected partners also.

There is also an Account Hierarchy View available.

                                                                           (Fig 2)


The partner ledger report in EXCEL will be like in the image(Fig 3) below

                                                                           (Fig 3)

General Ledger

The General Ledger Report shows all transactions from all accounts for a chosen date range.

To obtain the detailed general ledger report using the menu Accounting → Reports → General Ledger

                                                                           (Fig 4)

When you click on ‘General Ledger’, a wizard will open(refer Fig 5). It will ask you for the start date and the end date for analysis period. The initial summary report shows the totals for each account and from there you can view a detailed transaction report or any exceptions. This report is useful for checking every transaction that occurred during a certain period of time.

From here you can also get a detailed report for a perticular partner based ledgers. The target move option helps you in analysis by getting result by posted entries or it will give all transaction details of the ledger.

                                                                       (Fig 5)

The general ledger report in excel will be like the below images(Fig 6)

                                                                           (Fig 6)

Trial Balance

The Trial Balance is a list of closing balance of ledger accounts on a certain date and is the first step towards the preparation of financial statements. You can access the trial balance through Accounting → Reports → Trial Balance

                                                                             (Fig 7)


When you click on trial balance it will open a wizard, and it captures the details in to filter the ledger details(Ref Fig 8). It will print a detailed report in between the date span you given.

From here you can filter out the zero balance ledgers by selecting the option ‘with balance not equal  to equal to 0’.

Also you can able to get the selected accounting details by selecting the accounts from the trial balance wizard(See Fig 8)

                                                                             (Fig 8)

The trial balance report in excel will be like the below images(Fig 9)

                                                                              (Fig 9)

Balance Sheet

The Balance Sheet  shows a snapshot of the assets, liabilities and equity of your organisation as at a particular date.the balance shhet report can access using Accounting → Report → Balance Sheet(Fig 10)

                                                                 (Fig 10)

By clicking Balance sheet, It will open a wizard(Fig 11). From there you can select the date span in which you need the ledger details you want in balance sheet.

                                                                      (Fig 11)

The accounts reports denotes the type of report need to print. The balance sheet report helps you to analyse the current status of the assets and liabilities. You can print the balance sheet by all posted entries or by all entries make during the selected period.

The balance sheet report in excel will be like the below images(Fig 12)

                                                                          (Fig 12)

Profit and Loss

The Profit and Loss’ report (or Income Statement) shows your organisation’s net income, by deducting expenses from revenue for the report period. Based on this report the company officials can analyse the status of the company that is the company’s financial status is safe or not.

The profit and loss report can access through Accounting → Reports → Profit and Loss (refer Fig 13)

                                                                         (Fig 13)

When clicking profit and loss, a wizard (Fig 14) will open. From that window you can choose the start date and the end date in which you need to analyze the company financial status.

                                                                       (Fig 14)

The ‘target moves’ option allows you for getting entries with two options. If you select ‘all entries’, then it will print reports including all the transactions done during the selected period. Otherwise it will download a file including posted transaction details of the ledger.

If the ‘Enable comparison checked box is clicked, then it will show option to compare the data in the date span in which you already selected.

The profit and loss report in excel will be like the below images(Fig 15)

                                                                      (Fig 15)

Aged Partner Balance

To obtain a more detailed report of the aged balance (or order by past date), use the menu Accounting → Reports →Aged Partner Balance (refer Fig 16).

                                                                    (Fig 16)

When you click that report, it will shows a wizard asking you for the start date of the analysis period and the size of the interval to be analysed (in days). The start date will determine which documents will be included in the report (document date until the selected start date) and it will serve as a reference date to calculate the amounts due for the selected interval(Fig 17). You can print an aged partner balance for Receivable Accounts or Payable Accounts of for both at the same time. The analysis direction may be Past (for entries that are due) or Future to keep track of your cash flow in the next days or weeks (according to your selection).

                                                                 (Fig 17)

So, if you request an interval of 30 days, OpenERP generates an analysis of creditors for the past month, past two months, and so on. An ageing balance will indicate how much of the accounts receivable is overdue. It also reports how far overdue the accounts are (number of days).

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The aged partner balance report in excel will be like the below images(Fig 18)

                                                                       (Fig 18)

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